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You should register your name as a domain name

In my opinion, everyone should own their name as a domain name, such as

Here are 4 reasons why you should register your name as a domain name.

Personal branding

Registering a domain name with your real name helps in creating a personal brand. It provides a unique identity online, making it easier for people to find and recognize you.

Reputation management

Owning a domain with your real name allows you to control the narrative about yourself online. You can ensure that the information presented is accurate and portrays you in a positive light.

Future preparedness

Even if you don’t need it now, registering your name as a domain can be a strategic step for the future. It secures the domain before anyone else does, giving you the opportunity to use it when needed.


A personalized domain name offers a sense of professionalism. For instance, an email from a domain with your name appears more professional and credible than a generic email address.

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